Data and Fibre Cabling

Data and Fibre Cabling

Certified Installers offer Performance and Best Practice Warranties for your data cabling.

Whether its Fibre optics, Category-6A or general copper, all network cabling presents environmental and technical challenges. Smart-Wired's 30 years experience allows your business to tap into this knowledge to achieve the right result.

Reliable - Voice, Data and Security Cable Systems

Data and Fibre Cabling

Your cabling investment represents a significant but small portion of your overall IT budget. With Smart-Wired on board you will generate leverage by setting in place the right foundation necessary to keep your network running efficiently and effectively.

Many businesses through out the greater Waikato have benefited from our 30 years Data Cabling experience and project based Cabling Warranty.

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The most frequent service and features called for ...


  • Business relocation
  • Cabinet Upgrades
  • Adds, moves and changes
  • Cabling tidy ups
  • Network cable faults


  • Fibre Optic Cabling and Fusion Splicing.
  • Category 6 & 6A Cabling
  • Data Cabinet and Patch panels
  • PBX VoIP (Telephone & PA), CCTV, WiFi Cabling
  • Engineered Design and Build Solutions
  • Firm Proposals

We have available a wealth of experience to get your business set, to keep you up with the pace of change.

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Common Questions

  • What is the difference between Category 5e and Category 6?
    The difference between Category 5e and Category 6 is in the transmission performance and extension of the available bandwidth from 100 MHz for Category 5e to 200 mHz for Category 6.
  • Why wouldn’t I skip category 6 and go straight to optical fibre?
    You can certainly do that and it is recommended between buildings and over long runs, however for general workstations you will find that a fibre system is still very expensive.

    Ultimately, economics drive customer decisions, and today optical fibre cable together with optical transceivers and leads are about twice as expensive as an equivalent system built using category-6 and associated copper electronics. Installation of copper cabling is more craft–friendly and can be accomplished with simple tools and techniques. Additionally, copper cabling will still support the emerging Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) power standard under development by IEEE 802.3 af. EIA & TIA International Standards Authorities.

    However, having stated that. Fibre is a long term "clean" medium able to support ever increasing bandwidth demand, over distances (<90 metres) and most significantly not suseptible to EMI/RFI induction the eternal bain of all telecommunication signals.