Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems

Are you looking for Cloud Hosted PBX System?

Whether VoIP, digital & analogue, all technologies have their place. Together we'll customise your PABX with specific user friendly features tailored to assist you achieve your business goals.

Smart-Wired customers within the greater Waikato have been enjoying the benefit and value that 28 years of Telephone System experience has to offer.

Additionally, proven partnerships are essential to business success. Smart-Wired is no exception. Our suppliers are selected on their ability to offer great product, competitive prices and real-time field support.

VoIP telephones are now the new default technology. It's no longer a question of if rather when you go with it. The variables are many. Smart-Wired will guide you through to successful implementation.

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Typical Cloud PBX’s and associated hardware include...


  • VoIP, Digital and Analogue Services
  • Voicemail
  • Auto Attendant i.e. 'Welcome to xxx'
  • Background Music (Music on hold, Music on Transfer)
  • Call Forwarding (Fwd to mobile, Fwd to other)
  • Powerful Desktop, Cordless & Soft-Phones too. More than just a phone call!

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Common Questions

  • What is a difference between ADSL, VDSL & UFB?
    These are three modes of broadband service. Typically represented as improvement on upload and download of internet speeds.

    ADSL - entry level service.
    VDSL - best copper option.
    UFB - do it!
  • Naked broadband?
    Yes, 'naked' DSL or 'clothed'. It's a geeky term ... however.

    Clothed DSL is Broadband plus an analogue phone line.

    Naked DSL is Broadband (internet) service only. No telephone line, no line rental.
  • What is VoIP?
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the new and innovative way to make and receive phone calls over your broadband internet connection. It involves directing your calls through the internet instead of the standard telephone lines. Using VoIP technology, your phone calls are converted into data that is sent and received through your broadband connection - just like email.
  • What are SIP trunks?
    Sip trunks are high quality phone lines comparable in quality to business grade ISDN lines.

    The service is delivered over SIP trunks (SIP) Session Initiation Protocol and this method has now been established as the industry standard for delivering phone lines via a data connection.